Thursday, June 24, 2004

Blogging I am Glad I Found You 

I am writing my master's thesis about T.S. Eliot. Perhaps the most important poet of the the 20th century. There is a lot of information out there about him-- thousands of books about him, critiques of his poetry, analysis of his plays. Even a dozen web sites on the play CATS based on his book Ole Possum's Book of Practical Cats, still running on Broadway today. Dr. Morgan says" Joanna is obsessed with T.S. Eliot" and he's right.

I live with Eliot and have for the last year. His framed photo is on my office wall, 20 to 30 books on and about Eliot ring my bed, my cats step over images of him ( careful not to put a paw print on his face).

Thank God I discovered Blogging.

I needed to lighten up. I set up a Blog site called prufrock and am devoting it to Eliot Trivia. The stuff I know about him that's interesting but cannot be used in the thesis. He was quite a guy!

Also Blogging has opened up a new window of research for me: meeting other Bloggers who are writing about Eliot, or are Eliotophiles ( my word here). I found the Blog site of a PH.D in Denmanrk. Also found a document Tuesday that I needed. It is the complete letter from Groucho Marx to his brother Gummo about his evening with the Eliots. Eliot was an ardent fan of Groucho and kept his photo up on the mantlepiece at his Faber & Faber office. They finally met a few months before Eliot's death.

So what is Blogging? I think the definition changes as you change. One can Blog their entire life. Right now Blogging is a new handle on research for me--remember this all you future Master's Candidates--and its a way to blow off steam with my trivia pages. Now those anecdotes and peculiar facts don't have to clog up my brain. Blogging I am glad I found you.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

English Estates 

These gardens are usually found on an English estate

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Here is a comic. This reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon. It is really not an accurate view of blogging. Yes, they took the "We" out of blog but now its implied. Blogging is all about "I".

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

1. Timing is everything. How many times have I heard that? Saturday was a good example. I took my 85 year old Aunt Lillian out for a ride to the area around Leonard, Minnesota ( near Clearwater Lake). As we were driving down the black top, I spotted a beautiful deer wending its way across a wild-flowered meadow, heading for the road. I knew he intended to cross. So I slowed the car. I checked behind for oncoming traffic--there was none--so I stopped the car. I oohed and AHHHHed over the beauty of the deer as he flew across the road on his hinged legs. I still sat there after he had seemingly passed into the woods. Suddenly he re-appeared, leaping onto the road again--retracing his footsteps-- back to the meadow. If I would have slowed down or started my car immediately after he crossed the first time, I would have hit him head-on on his return. One of my friends, Susan, who is a advocate of Process Theology, said I saved my life ( and the deer's) by my love of beauty.Yes, and timing is everything.

2. I am concerned about the strange news reporting from Saudi Arabia. Was Paul Johnson, Lockwood-Martin employee, beheaded? Or is he still alive?? News reports on Thursday stated his body ( headless I presume) was dumped on the outskirts of Riadah. Saudi's tracked the car, attacked and killed the occupants--leaders of a terorist cell. News reports on Friday, in the same montone CNN Newscaster's voice, informed us that Johnson's body has NOT BEEN FOUND. On to the next story.


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Ten Approaches to T.S. Eliot Thesis 

Right now I am very disorganized in my approach to the thesis on Eliot. But I do have ten ways or ten options on how to begin.

1. Re-read my Propsal.

2. Re-read all the notes, notebooks, napkins, and shreds of paper.

3. Determine what I feel is a way to start even if its not the standard

4. Start with young Eliot's penchant to write and edit. At age ten he wrote
some poetry and also edited a Review while at smith Academy.
5. He was on the staff of the Advocate while an undergraduate at Harvard.

6. He was an editor on The Egoist while living in London.

7. He founded The Criterion in 1922 and was the editor for seventeen years.

8. He joined Faber & Gwyer publishing firm in 1925 as a director. He worked
there until his death in 1965.

9. Eliot edited his own work.

10. If he needed advise he consulted Geoffrey Faber or John Hayward, They,
aside from Ezra pound, were his only editors.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

A Humorous Blog About T.S. Eliot 

This is a humorous blog about T.S. Eliot.

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Interesting blog on T.S. Eliot 

This is a good research blog on T.S. Eliot and other literary figures.

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Link Testing 


I love google a lot.

This is my favorite site.

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Eliot's First Poem 

Eliot was ten years old when he wrote his first poetry while at Smith Academy.

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How Many Directors at Faber & Faber? 

How many Directors at Faber & Faber Publishing??

Initially Geoffrey Faber only had one- Frank Morley. He was looking to hire a part-time literary editor when he met T.S. Eliot. Overwhelmed by his charm and erudition Faber offered him a directorship. Eliot was a director for forty years.

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